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My name is Steph Reverdy and I've been designing all things at Front.
You can catch me on Twitter, and my latest shots on Dribbble.
I reply to Mails, most of the time, and I'm looking for a new opportunity.


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In just over 2 years, I've redesigned the Desktop/web app over 3 times and the iPhone version twice. I’ve been responsible for the design of Front from the user interface all the way to branding and advertising. It’s been an amazing journey.


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Jackson Harper and his partner are making an iPad app to use Github better. And while I'm a huge noob when it comes to Git, I had a blast making a decent UI for their app... Plus I felt like the dumbest H4XX0R making it, so that's bonus points, I guess.


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Whenever you live in Paris and have an iPhone, you're tempted to shoot instant photos and post them on Instagram. And it's nice. The city of Paris is working on a way to harbor your shots made in Paris, second by second... I think that description is blurry enough. Stay tuned.


Coming Soon

Jolly Logic makes altimeters. Wether you want to record the flights of your own personal falcon, kite or 747, their next product will be accompanied by the FlightLab app which will make your stats available on your phone, whenever, wherever, and, maybe... FOREVER !


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I worked with Tactilize for a little over a year. First part was purely about Icon design (presented lower on this website), and it evolved towards UI design/Artistic direction. The UI showed here is the third version built entirely form the ground up, focusing on content discovery.


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The three young partners at Plixee were probably the ones I had the most fun working with to this day. Their product was a Project Management app, focused on communication. I was seriously bummed out when it stopped, and these few screens are a reminder of the beautiful app it should've been on the iPhone. #itmayriseagain

iOS Icons

Since I started out as a freelance designer, I crafted iOS icons for a lot of different apps, namely Jetpac, Tactilize, Airbnb (even though they changed it since), Öffnungszeiten, Silkscreen, Scalar, Dir...


osx icons

Go appscape

I made a couple of icons for osx apps that Appscape built.
Degrees is a little app that shows the local weather in your menubar, and Silkscreen is a great tool that lets you preview designs you're creating on your computer, directly on the device (iOS) you're aiming at.
The rest of the icons were made when working on Gamersband.